Original design lead gifts for visitor sites and department stores.

I take concepts and then tailor them into product ranges, produced for clients all over the UK and Europe.

Working with clients to achieve an attractive retail product can be challenging but rewarding when you receive the completed outcome.  Keeping up with high street design trends is key to providing fresh creative looks.  So I’m always on the look out for new fashions weather this is trips out to exhibitions, social media, department stores, press releases.

Product ranges often involve a vast number of colours, materials, printing formats and product shapes, all of which can lead to manufacturing challenges when designing a coherent range.  With over 10 years experience in many techniques this has allowed me identify issues that may arise and solve them in the design phase.

Often projects are set to specific selling periods/occasions, so timing is extremely important.  With long lead times on Far East production it is important that a project is run efficiently from the very beginning.  Managing and keeping on top of design and supply chain resources is key to this.  Communicating these exact parameters with suppliers to ensure the correct result is achieved requires me to have a good eye for every tiny detail.  The ability to express this across language barriers clearly and concisely is very important, helping to keep projects to a deadline.

Creative, always keeping up with the latest industry trends.
Establishing client requirements.
Managing design and supply resources to achieve customer deadlines.
Proficient at developing and taking large product ranges from concept through to completion.
Highly skilled with the use of Adobe Creative Suite.
Experienced in image reproduction on a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques.
Able to produce clear, concise and detailed product specifications for international suppliers.
Excellent eye for detail.