Day out at the Zoo

Animals, babywear & pattern

A fantastic day out to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo visiting all the stunning wildlife.  You really can get up close to some of these wonderful creatures and see their gentle and graceful personalities.  The zoo provides a great opportunity for all ages to learn a bit more about the vast array of wildlife.  A good proportion of the money raised by ZSL goes into conservation projects all over the globe.

The commercial operation helps to boost funds, so providing a modern well run offer for consumers is important.  During my visit I spent Some time in the gift shop which cleverly enough you need to walk through to leave! Along with the mountains of fluffy plush animals I did discover some great ‘design lead‘ baby wear products. A mixture of single animal AOP pattern and some more character based designs. They complimented one another offering some thing for both boys and girls as well a good range of colour ways.  The single icon baby wear caught my eye, this worked well with the complimentary stitching colour used for the comments and the finish on the seams.

Its always marvellous to see ‘design lead‘ products filtering down into the giftshops like this and providing the consumers a better selection.  So good work ZSL and thanks for a great day out!